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Pastor Beaten and Arrested for Preaching the Gospel

Pastor Arrested and Jailed in Karnataka for Preaching

ICC Note:
This is particularly disturbing. A pastor in India was holding a prayer meeting, when a person came in and began recording the sermon. Ten minutes after the man left the meeting he returned with radical Hindu activists who dragged the pastor outside. There they beat him up before taking him to the police, who instead of helping him, locked him up for allegedly “forcibly and fraudulently converting Hindus to Christianity.”

07/17/2012 India (CPUI)- Pastor Nathaniel Shubas, 26, is in charge of a House Church called Immanuel Prayer Hall at Sainagara in Hubli, Karnataka. He has a congregation of about 20 believers who regularly meet at his church for Sunday worship in the morning and spend a couple of hours in prayer and worship. Pastor Shubas has been spreading the message of Christ in the surrounding villages during the last 3 years. On Sunday evenings and week days he also conducts prayer meetings in the houses of the members of his congregation.

On Sunday, 15-7-12, he had organized a prayer meeting at the residence of one of his believers, one Siddamma, at about 8 in the evening where about 20 persons had gathered and the pastor was preaching the good news. At about 8.30 pm a person came to the prayer meeting and began recording pastor’s preaching and left the place. Within 10 minutes he appeared again along with about 20 RSS and Bajrangdal activists who forcibly entered the house and attacked the pastor. They abused him and beat him up and dragged him for more than a kilopmetre to the Vidyanagara Police Station and handed him over to the police alleging that he was forcibly and fraudulently converting Hindus to Christianity.

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