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Muslim Attackers Kill 22 Christians, Attack Nine Christian Villages in Nigeria
Washington, D.C. (July 8, 2012) –International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Muslim attackers killed 22 Christians and attacked nine villages around the city of Jos, Nigeria. The attacks started yesterday morning and continued until this morning.
The Muslims, who are of the Fulani ethnic group, attacked the Christian villages of Kakuruk, Kuzen, Ngyo, Kogoduk, Ruk, Dogo, Kufang, Kpapkpiduk and Kai.
On Thursday morning 43 Christian farms were destroyed by the Muslims. We went there to investigate. Nobody was arrested. But Saturday, the Muslim herdsmen regrouped and divided in nine groups and attacked about nine Christian communities,” said a Christian leader who spoke to ICC. The leader remains anonymous for security reasons.
The Christian leader blamed the Nigerian government for failing to protect the Christians. He said, “These villages are under a state of emergency (due to attacks by Muslims). The government is supposed to protect the vulnerable villages. But the Muslim attackers managed to overpower the small government forces around the villages. Most of the military forces in the area protect Muslim villages instead of the Christian villages.
ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Jonathan Racho, said, “The Nigerian security forces are Muslim controlled and the turned a blind eye to the plight of Christians. The bloodshed will continue unless the government gives serious considerations to the plight of all its citizens. We urge Nigeria to deploy enough security forces around villages targeted by Muslim attackers and bring the perpetrators to justice.”
Please call Nigerian embassy in your country and ask the Nigerian officials to protect its citizens from further Islamic attacks and bring the perpetrators of the church attacks to justice.
Nigerian Embassies:
USA: Phone (202) 986-8400 Fax (202)362-6541
UK: Phone 0207 839 1244 Fax 0207 839 8746
Canada: Phone (613) 236-0521/3 Fax (613) 236-0529 Email:
Germany: Phone +49-(030) 21230 Fax +49-(030) 21230212