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ICC Note:
The recent bloody massacre of 17 in twin attacks against churches in Kenya has prompted one law group to call on the Kenyan government to increase it’s protections of Christians. In one of the attacks, suspected Islamic militants tossed grenades into one of the churches and then proceeded to gun down Christians as they fled the building. According to the legal group, the Kenyan government is not taking the security threat seriously.   
07/02/2012 Kenya ( – A legal scholar at the East African Law Society’s Kenyan branch told government officials in Kenya that the military and police forces must do a better job of gathering and analyzing intelligence in order to provide its citizens with a secure environment to live peaceful lives following terrorist attack against two Christian churches on Sunday.
Terrorists from Somalia’s al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab launched a sneak attack two churches in one Kenya’s northeastern cities. About 17 people — including two police officers posted at the church as security — were reported dead and with more than 40 other worshipers left wounded. Two police are among those killed, according to the law society’s report.
East African Law Society resident scholar, James Mwamu, scolded the Kenyan government saying it appears unqualified and unable to protect Kenyans from vicious and bloodthirsty terrorists from nearby Somalia.
“We are concerned about the security situation in Kenya…[and] we wish to condemn those attacks in the strongest terms possible, and the reason is that we cannot allow terrorists to be running around killing men women and children, innocent civilians, who have nothing to do with the war that is happening in Somalia,” said Mwamu.
“I think, now more than ever, the Kenyan government needs to take the threats of al-Shabaab more seriously than ever because we do not know where they are going to strike out next.”

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