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Perpetrators Still At Large

Washington, D.C. (June 28, 2012)-International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that three victims of a recent attack against Christians in Assam, India, have been released from the hospital.  ICC sources are reporting that riots in the city and nearby villages were brought under control via police and the government lock-down of nearby villages. However, the perpetrators of these attacks have not been brought to justice.

On June 9th, forty Hindu radicals broke into the home of Manesor Rabha, a Christian convert from Hinduism. Manesor’s wife, Mala Rabha, along with Michael and Prashanto Rabha, were threatened by the radicals who wanted them to recant their faith. When the Christians refused, ICC sources say the radicals beat them with their hands, feet and flashlights all the while abusing them with filthy language.”  When the victims were taken to the hospital, rioters began breaking into the homes of Christians to beat them and steal their belongings, including livestock. Out of fear, families fled to the surrounding jungle to hide.

Manesor lodged a complaint, First Information Response (FIR), with the police, asking for an investigation against the perpetrators who attacked his wife, Mala. ICC sources confirm that since lodging the FIR, which requires the police to investigate, Manesor has received threats from local Hindus demanding he withdraw the FIR. Manesor and Mala, unwilling to withdraw the complaint, are unable to return home. They fear being beaten once again, this time for reporting the crimes committed against them.

ICC sources say that the police are investigating the attack, but have made no arrests at this time. Nor have they responded to the threats Manesor and Mala have received for filing the FIR.

Corey Bailey, ICC Regional Manager for Asia, said, “We are concerned for the safety of the victims and implore the government to provide them protection from those threatening them. Furthermore, we urge the police to do an actual investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Please call the Indian embassy in your country and politely ask Indian officials to bring the perpetrators of this attack to justice and provide protection for the Rabha’s.

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For interviews, contact Corey Bailey, Regional Manager for Asia: [email protected]


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