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Let’s Chase away Christians from Nepal

ICC Note:

This is an editorial piece written by a man in Nepal. In it he refers to Christians as “criminals” who have come to Nepal to “suck the blood” of Hindus and Buddhists. He calls for former Buddhists and Hindus, who have become Christians, to reconvert back to their original religion and “chase away the Christian destructive force for the sake of sovereign Nepal.”  While this way of thinking is dangerous in and of itself, and is in part the root of persecution, it is even more dangerous in Nepal since the failure of the Constituent Assembly.

By Dirgha Raj Prasai

06/21/2012 Nepal (People’s Review)-Nepal is an original land of Hinduism and Buddhism. Since ancient time immemorial Pashupatinath Temple and the Buddhist shrine of Swoyambhunath have attested to the harmonious relations between these two religions, which are spreading its fame round the globe. In India there existed more than 25 kingdoms. In those days India was not known as Hindustan. After unifying these kingdoms the English colonizers in acknowledgment of the majority of Hindus that constituted the population called it Hindustan. But before that time, Prithvi Narayan Shah had announced- ‘Nepal is an advantageous fortress. This is a fortress created by God. This is the real Hindustan.’ So, Hindu Kingdom is glorious for Nepal as well as the Hindus in all over the world.

Rumors have it that Maoists’ leader Prachanda is a Protestant and Baburam Bhattarai a Catholic. May be, there are majority of Christians in the Maoists’ party. In this situation, foreign powers see an opportunity. It is easy for them to turn Nepal into a Christian state with the help of Maoists whom they would not oppose. The Christians pretend to support indigenous groups by donating money. The mercenaries in this way destroy the religion and culture of the indigenous groups. In Nepal the forerunners of the rights of indigenous groups in and outside the political parties are divided and given economic support. So the churches built after 2006 without any agreement must be razed down. We must then appeal to all former Hindus and Buddhists who have turned into Christians to return to their former religion and rituals.
The misfortune of Nepal is the wrong policies of political parties reared by foreign money. The American government had enlisted the Maoists in its terrorists’ list, but contradictorily American intelligence agency – CIA, is known to support the Maoists. American double standard is manifest. This is meant for Christianization. The Christians are giving us false assurances in a conspiracy to drown this country. So, let’s chase away the Christian destructive force for the sake of sovereign Nepal. Constituent Assembly has expired. Now it is necessary to implement the 1990 constitution with monarchical democratic system.

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