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Police Order Pastor in Karnataka to Close Down Church and Leave

ICC Note:

Another incident of unfair treatment, harassment and persecution of believers in India.

06/22/2012 India (CPUI)-Pastor Manjappa Byadagi (30) is in charge of a house church called Salvation Gospel Church at Muddebehal in Bijapur District of Karnataka. He lives with his wife, Bhavya (26) and a one year old daughter. He has been doing his ministry during the last 3 years and he has a congregation of about 15 believers.

On Monday last, 18-6-12, a police constable, one Mr. Pawar, from the Muddebehal police station came to their house and began leveling allegations against them that they were involved in conversion work and that there have been many complaints against them to that effect and that they should come to the police station and give all information about their activities in the place.
Accordingly, after some time, both Pastor Manjappa and his wife, went and reported at the police station. An inquiry was conducted at the police station and they were alleged that they are actively involved in forcible conversion of Hindus to Christianity and that they must stop it immediately. They were also ordered to close down their church and immediately clear out of the place, failing which they should come and report to the police station everyday about all their activities.

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