Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Kemi’s husband was a missionary pastor. He was brutally killed by Muslim attackers who came to his house to kill him because of his ministry. ICC provided financial assistance to help with expanding her small business. She was struggling with running her business and paying for her children’s school and through our help, she was able to work and provide for the needs of her family.

She expressed her gratitude to the donors saying, “The money came at the right time. That time it was not easy. I was struggling to pay for the school fees of my children. The money I received really helped me to come back again [into business]….I thank God so much for [sponsor’s] care because if they are not concerned about us, we wouldn’t do things like that [business.] You make us feel that somebody cares for us.”

Pictured is Kemi and one of her children.