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Iran Launches New  Wave of Attacks on Christians

ICC Note:

CBN and Gary Lane do great work with this video being the latest example. The video highlights the need for prayer support for Iranian Christians. It is also really encouraging because it reveals what most people in the West don’t know. That is that the Church in Iran is exploding. It is for this reason we are looking for funding to send 20,000 bibles there in the next few months.

If you want to be involved, go to our donate page [link]. Use the drop down box to select Bibles.

5/17/2012 Iran (CBN)- The Iranian government is said to be launching a new wave of persecution against Christians.

According to the Daily Caller, the regime has ordered Iranian intelligence to infiltrate church groups in major Iranian cities.

Agents are identifying pastors and other Christians, targeting them for arrest and torture in prison.

Former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Reza Kahlili, verified the crackdown. He said Iran’s ayatollahs are frustrated with the large number of Muslims who are now embracing Christianity.

Kahlili is author of A Time to Betray. He wore a disguise to protect his identity as he talked to CBN News.

[Link to video here]