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Victory as British Employer Respects Christian Conscience over Sunday Working

ICC Note:

Told to decide between his faith and his job, after legal action, employer decides to respect the man’s right to practice his faith.  

By Jeremy Reynalds

05/10/2012 England (ANS)-Following intervention by the Christian Legal Center, an employee of a major London tourist attraction is able to continue in his job, as his employer has now agreed to let him take Sundays off so he can attend church.

According to a story by Christian Concern, the employee had been in negotiations with his employer for more than 18 months over whether he would continue to be forced to work on Sundays.

With the Christian Legal Center’s help, his employer has now backed down and given him a new schedule with Sundays off. Christian Concern said his employer had allowed a Muslim employee not to work on Fridays (the Islamic holy day).

The employee uses the money he earns from his job to fund his participation in several area volunteer opportunities.

Christian Concern reported the employee said, “I’m very grateful to the Christian Legal Center for standing with me. I’d like to thank Standing Counsel Paul Diamond, Andrea Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Center, and Libby Blaxall, because without their help I may never have reached an agreement with my employers. I am so pleased that I can attend church on Sunday and continue my job.”

Christian Concern said the victory will encourage many Christians, some of whom have been under pressure to choose between working on Sundays or losing their jobs.

Celestina Mba

Christian Concern said earlier this year Celestina Mba, a children’s worker, lost her job because her employers changed their policy and asked her to start working on Sundays.

Mba worked for almost three years at the Brightwell Children’s Home in Morden, a respite home for children with disabilities including autism.

Christian Concern said Mba’s beliefs were initially respected by her employer, the London Borough of Merton, but it later changed its mind and she was forced to choose between her job and her faith.

Christian Concern said an employment tribunal found against her and stated that her belief in Sunday as a day of worship was not a “core” part of the Christian faith.

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