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ICC Note:

Jay Sekulow, with the American Center for Law and Justice, updates us on the situation of Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkani during an interview on Fox News. Click here to watch the full video.

By Jay Sekulow

5/7/2012 Iran (ACLJ) – 938 days. That’s how long Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been imprisoned in Iran. His crime? He embraced Christianity and started a church. Now, with Pastor Youcef facing the death penalty, his situation is even more precarious.

As we’ve reported, Pastor Youcef’s attorney has now been targeted by the Iranian regime. He’s been convicted and told he will begin serving a 9 year prison sentence soon. His crime? His work on human rights and his desire to help clients like Pastor Youcef.

On FOX News today, I talked about this issue at length with Megyn Kelly. Make no mistake about it. The circumstances facing Pastor Youcef are now more dire than ever. Without an attorney, he has no legal representation – no advocate to keep him alive and to keep the appeals process going.

Pastor Youcef is a symbol of the persecuted church in Iran. The Iranian regime views Christianity as a political movement, subversive to their regime.

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