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04/26/2012 Vietnam (AsiaNews) – Disturbing details have emerged regarding the April 12 attack on Father Joseph Nguyen Van Binh, which while failing to clarify the causes of the attack, reveal the responsibility of the local Communist Party as having issued the order.

It was the priest himself who was attacked (pictured) to disclose in a report – according to Eglises d’Asie – sent to the police, who on the same day of the attack , sent an injunction to appear for questioning while he was still in hospital.

On March 30, just days before the attack, two armed men had gone to threaten with death children and staff who had settled in the future orphanage. Fr. Binh – confirming that he had bought the house and carried out the carnivorous restoration, to which the authorities had raised no objection – had reported the incident to the People’s Committee (a form of City council) and in response on April 13, the Chairman of that Committee banned an Agape meeting, which manages the orphanage. The day of the attack, then the priest confirms that, when he came to the house, at 9 am, the “thugs were already at work, while uniformed police officers had closed the access roads to the future orphanage and prevented parishioners’ access”.

As for aggression, the same Fr. Binh in the report sent to police reports: “I was attacked by a group of young people.” “I was at the door of our house, when my phone rang. Two individuals left the group, rushed towards me and took away my phone. After a score of members of the group of assailants surrounded me . I was beaten with force on my ears, eyes, stomach and hips. Eventually, a more violent blow on the left ear threw me to the ground. There two young people kicked me on the left and left side of my back. I was left unconscious. ” “Many guests at the future orphanage in were also attacked and robbed of mobile phones.”

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