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Thank you to those who donate to our Bible Fund. Every day, ICC is helping to move Bibles into the hands of believers living under the constant threat of religious persecution. Below is a letter of gratitude we recently received from one of our Bible moving partners in China. It expresses not only thanks for the Bibles received, but a shortage of Bibles thanks to the growth of the church.

“First, I thank the name of Jesus for the free Bibles to support us. Thank you for the two boxes of Bibles you sent. For the people who just became believers of Lord Jesus, they have the Gospel of God. To save people’s souls is an urgent need. We lack Bibles, and we are poor. Over the past few years we developed many house churches nearby the place where I live in [China]. More souls were saved, but we have a shortage of Bibles and we can’t provide one Bible for one person. As a preacher, I feel shame about this; it doesn’t glorify the name of God. I am a poor preacher. I hope you can help us and our church. We have 1400 people in our church and we need bibles. I really hope you could support us and help solve our current difficulties of a lack of Bibles.

Sincerely thanks! May God bless for your hard work.”

-Pastor Q

If you would like to learn more about our Bible Fund and how you can donate to it, click here.