Former Moroccan Jihadist Comes to Know Christ Through ICC-Sponsored TV Program!

Hasan was a devout Muslim from a conservative Moroccan family before he heard about the love of Christ on an ICC-supported satellite television broadcast.

“I loved and feared Allah,” Hasan wrote to an ICC ministry partner. “I was terrified of death, especially from the torture in the grave that Islam teaches about. I wanted to please Allah to get to paradise, so I learned more about Islam and followed the teachings of Sharia law. I joined militant groups and jihad groups so I could get the highest reward from Allah.

“However, I started doubting Allah’s nature because he commands us to kill infidels and Jews. When I asked about this teaching, nobody would give me a straight answer. I started asking God to lead me and help me, and then, as if it was planned all along, I turned on the television and heard about Christ and the Christian faith for the first time. I watched the television program everyday and started reading the Bible online. I could see the love of Christ in his teaching and his life. What a difference from the teachings of Islam! I eventually believed in the Lord Jesus and his teaching. My life changed and I became a new person in Christ.”

ICC-supported satellite television and radio is sharing the love of Christ to Muslims throughout the Islamic world. In many countries, Muslims rarely have opportunities to hear the Gospel. Please pray that new believers like Hasan grow in faith and find a church body to fellowship with.

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