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Pastor B oversees eight churches in a heavily persecuted Central Asian country. Since 2004, Pastor B has been arrested four times for leading unregistered prayer meetings. In 2009, accusations were made against the pastor for “drawing Muslims from Islam to Christianity”. In response, the pastor was fined and his vehicle was confiscated by the police. ICC was able to partner with a like-minded ministry to purchase another vehicle for Pastor B which allows him to again disciple his congregations and to continue his impactful ministry of reaching Muslims for Christ.

Pastor B wrote ICC the following letter in November 2011, a year after the vehicle was purchased:


Dear ICC,

We thank our brothers and sisters, the ministers from ICC. Because of you we are more than one year using our new car. Our ministry became more quick and easier with the car. We are very happy that you pray for us and for all churches in the world. Please don’t stop. Let our heavenly Father bless you, your ministry, your health, your family abundantly and may grace multiply in your life!

We value your care and we will continue our ministry and more and more people will know Almighty, Alive and True God through Jesus Christ. Thank you!

We are now able to visit five districts in the region [between 28 to 150 km away]. This would not be possible without a vehicle and there are many new believers now. Please pray for safety and wisdom.

Thank you!

Pastor B