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ICC Note:
Enayat Jafari, a Christian convert from Islam, was arrested at his home in Esfahan, Iran on February 22. His condition remains unknown, Mohabat News reports.
3/6/2012 Iran (Mohabat News) – Iranian security authorities had promised to release this Christian convert in one week if they did not inform the media about this incident! However, although they had promised, two weeks have now passed and still no precise information is available on this Christian detainee’s situation.
According to reporters of Iranian Christian news agency, Mohabat News, Enayat Jafari is a Christian convert who was arrested at his home as part of a broad arrest of Farsi-speaking Christians in Esfahan.
This is the first time, after two weeks, that his name is being published as a detainee who was recently arrested in Esfahan.
According to this report, on 22 February, 2012, at 7:00 A.M. a number of Intelligence officers of Esfahan introduced themselves as agents of the Electricity Company of the province but as the door was opened they invaded this Christian man’s home and arrested Mr. Jafari. As usual, they carefully searched his entire house. The authorities took many of his personal belongings with them including his laptop, phone cards, books, CDs and even children’s cartoons.
Mr. Jafari’s wife and three year old child were frightened by this sudden invasion and by the officer’s treatment. They also threatened to arrest his wife if she didn’t cooperate with them. The security authorities promised that if Mr. Jafari’s family didn’t inform and publish the news of this incident, they would release him in a short time. However, although they had promised, it is now two weeks since his arrest and still no precise information is available on his condition. The authorities have even refused to provide a proper answer. This has increased the concern over his condition.
Published reports indicate that after the arrest of Christians, security authorities threaten their families to prevent to them from releasing information. They even promise to release their loved ones in a short time, but unfortunately we see that Christian detainees are being held in custody for weeks or even months after their arrests and no information is given about them.
After Mr. Jafari’s arrest, his wife was only allowed one brief visit with him, but never got another opportunity in these two weeks. In this period of time no precise information is available on his whereabouts or health condition, but unconfirmed reports state that he is being held in Alef-ta ward (a ward dedicated to hold security and conscience prisoners) in Dastgerd prison of Esfahan.
It is being said that the three year old child of Mr. Jafari who greatly depended on his father, deeply misses his father. He is spending his days apart from his father and you can see from his eyes that he feels the absence of his father very much.

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