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03/02/2012 Burma (Christian Today) – Human rights organisations, church groups and activists are pressing the Indian government to continue to provide protection and support to Christian Chins seeking refuge in Mizoram and other states, as a result of widespread political and religious persecution in Burma.
A fact-find report by an international delegation that visited India last year has called support for Chin people seeking refuge in Mizoram, by providing them protection, legal status and humanitarian and development assistance.
Chin state has the largest concentration of Christians in the whole of Burma. For several years, the community have been the target of persecution and oppression from the Burmese military regime which commits gross violations of human rights, including torture, rape and extra-judicial killings.
The 134-page report, documenting the plight of Chin people in Burma and the tens of thousands of refugees who have fled to India, called upon the UNHCR, NGOs, faith-based groups and the international community to partner with India to effectively address the Chins’ challenges while also reducing the humanitarian burden on Mizoram state.
“Our report shows that Chins from Burma face serious protection and humanitarian problems in Mizoram, India,” said Matthew Wilch, a US human rights lawyer and the lead author and editor of the report.
“They have no status or protection under the law and many suffer chronic economic insecurity, lacking adequate and stable shelter, food security, health, and education. Mizoram is burdened, too, by the large forced migration of Chin people.”

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