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ICC Note:
Present Truth Ministries updates us on the situations of persecuted Christians in Iran.
2/20/2012 Iran (Present Truth Ministries) – Brother Behnam Irani, who is in prison in Karaj, Iran, for “crimes” against the Islamic order, is in ill health. He is experiencing some sort of intestinal disorder. His family is very concerned because his brother died from intestinal cancer. I ask that you pray for complete healing for brother Behnam. As you pray remember in faith that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Pastor Mehdi Karbalaee who left the country is waiting for his trial to take place in Tehran. He will be put on trial without him being present for it. I ask that you pray for this pastor as he is facing some difficult times regarding the bail that was posted for him and his residency in the country he has fled to.
Pastor Matthias Haghnejad who was acquitted for crimes against the order in a Bandar Anzali court is now being put on trial again for the same crime. There were 11 others put on trial with him and they are now going to have to go to court for the second time. They are Anahita Khadeimi (the wife of Matthias), Mahmoud Khosh-Hal and his wife Hava Saadetmend, Amir Goldoust, Mina Goldoust, Zhaina Bahremand, Fatemah Modir-Nouri, Mehrdad Habibzade, Milad Radef, Behzad Taalipasand and Amin Pishkar. Their second trial after being acquitted of these crimes previously will be one month from now in March.
Of course all of these situations highlight the human rights abuses of the corrupt Iranian regime. But ultimately this is a spiritual battle of good against evil and of the Spirit of God against the spirit of Satan. These believers needs your prayers to face the battle that they are going through. Satan is challenging them and challenging their faith. Let’s stand with them and hold them up in prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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