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We have previously posted about Pastor Umar Mulinde who suffered an acid attack in January for converting from Islam and preaching the gospel to Muslims. The attack caused serious burns to his face, chest, and other parts of his body. The pastor (below) is getting medical treatment in Israel and is slowly recovering. However, the medical fees presents some financial burdens for Pastor Umar, his wife, and children. In response, ICC is sending money to pay for four of his children’s school related expenses. The children are in boarding schools and the funds sent will pay for meals, hostel accommodation, class tuition fees, uniforms, and books. Here is an email we received from the pastor regarding our assistance:
“I am so encouraged to hear about your commitment to support my children with their school fees. Thank you and may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you abundantly. I am slowly improving in Sheba Hospital in Israel. The largest percentage of the skin graft is taking well on my right side of the face, chest, hands and neck, but the smallest part of the skin still has small wounds, and is too heavy and itching. I still need your prayers because the doctors want to remove my right eye that it was severely damaged a decision. That is so hard for me to take now since the decision is more difficult and confusing for me because I can see some light and shadows with that eye. The doctors that are assessing me are not giving me any hope to keep my eye even that I have partial vision on it.”
Pray for Pastor Umar, his family, and his recovery.
(Photo: Compass)