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Committee Claims Rights Laws Leave Out Christians
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Britain’s laws that are designed to end “discrimination” have eroded the rights of Christians in the country. Despiste their seemingly good intentions, the laws have limited the rights of Christians to practice their faith.
By Nina Lakhani
02/27/2012 UK (The Independent)-Britain’s equality laws have disadvantaged Christians and increased community tensions, according to a cross-party committee of Christian MPs and Peers published today.
The Freedom of Christians in Britain report – the latest in a recent stream of pro-Christian, anti-secular political interventions from various sources – claims that the 2010 Equality Act and Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have failed to protect religion while privileging the rights of other groups.
The growing number of legal battles on issues such as the right to wear a cross at work, not work on Sundays and not accommodate gay hotel guests demonstrate how Christianity is being forced out of public life in the UK, the report claims.

The report follows comments by senior politicians that have caused alarm about the potential Americanisation of British politics where faith, in particular Christianity, is deemed an integral part of political rhetoric.

Ben Summerskill from Stonewall thinks the report is an attempt to turn back the clock on human rights. “This seems to be an inquiry about a group of people who are having difficulty adjusting to 21st century balance of rights. The reality is that religion is too often used as a cloak for prejudice for which there should be no room in the public domain.”

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