Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC has long been involved in helping Christians in southern Sudan. The seemingly endless civil war in the south claimed two million lives and destroyed hospitals and much of the region’s infrastructure. As a result, southerners in remote villages did not have access to medical treatment or facilities, and were forced to live with easily curable diseases, like blindness. While South Sudan is now an independent country, many Christians are still living in blindness, not able to afford or having no access to treatment.
This month, 73 people received cataract surgeries at one of the numerous eye camps ICC has funded in the past few years. Mr. Wani Lemi from Mukaya had been blind since 2003. He had deep concern that he had become a burden to his children who were taking care of him.
“Now I can see my children again!” he said. “I really thank God for giving ICC the heart and knowledge to help people like me. I’m very happy with what happen to me now that I can see again.”
For just $20, you can restore the sight of a brother or sister in Christ. If you’d like help grant sight to the blind in Sudan, just click here to donate.
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