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02/23/2012 China (ChinaAid) – For the last two weeks, China has been threatening to repatriate 30 North Korean refugees. These are people who escaped the brutal oppression and starvation of their land, hoping to get a better life, and to go to South Korea eventually. They and three generations of their families (men, women and children too), potentially hundreds of people, will be sentenced to execution as an example by the Pyongyang government or at least to slave labor in one of the Nazi-style death camps in North Korea if China repatriates them as it says it will do.
The South Korean government has appealed to China to no avail so far and is now pressing the United Nations Human Rights Council. Yesterday, the New York Times reported that “South Korean diplomats are expected to call for the safety and humane treatment of North Korean refugees living in hiding in China.”
With this important issue finally before the world in such glaring manner, this could be a time to see China’s inhumane policy on refugees changed so that those suffering in the hell-hole of North Korea can freely escape.

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