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ICC Note:
Present Truth Ministries tells us how we can help Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who is on death row in Iran for his Christian faith.
2/15/2012 Iran (Present Truth Ministries) – As we reported previously, the Iranian Chief Justice, Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, has ordered the local judiciary in Lakan province to not deliver a verdict until the end of 2012. You may recall from previous posts that he remains under the death sentence and is awaiting the verdict of his retrial. Ultimately, the Iranian government would like Christians and the international community to forget about Youcef so that they can secretly execute him. We cannot let that happen.
A few people have asked, what can I do to help Youcef? There are several things you can do and here is a list…
•    You can pray for his faith to stay strong and for God to move in his life every day.
•    You can help support his family.
•    You can tweet for Youcef here
•    You can share this and other posts on Facebook, keeping your friends and family up to date on Youcef.
•    You can also contact your local Congressman or MP to ask that the State Department or Foreign Ministry to take immediate action on behalf of Youcef.
First and foremost this is a spiritual battle against the devil. He is doing everything he can to stop the work of God and the Gospel going deeper into a land of darkness. Youcef, his family and the church in Iran need your prayers. Don’t forget our brother.

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