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“The word love is never mentioned in the Qur’an; it’s never promoted. The concept that God is love, or that God loves me is not part of Islam. There is no concept of redemption. In order for us to be guaranteed to go to heaven, we must die in the jihad against non-Muslims. The word jihad means only one thing: war with non-Muslims to extend Islam by a process of converting sinners. The concept of sin in Islam is being a non-Muslim; non-sin is being a Muslim.”
– Nonie Darwish in “Islam Uncensored.”
Check out ICC President Jeff King’s book, “Islam Uncensored.” In it, Jeff interviews fourteen different leaders in multiple backgrounds, including Liberals, Conservatives, Jews, Christians, Atheists, and Muslims, in order to formulate an accurate and clear view of Islam. Check out the link below for the book’s Facebook page to learn more. It is a fantastic read for anyone interested in knowing more about Islam.
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