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ICC Note:
Mr. Maasis Mosesian, a prominent elder at Narmak’s Assembly of God Church in Tehran, was arrested at work by Iranian security agents last Wednesday, Farsi Christian News Network reports.
2/13/2012 Iran (FCNN) – On Wednesday Feb 8th 2012, Mr. Maasis Mosesian, prominent elder of Narmak’s Church of Assembly of God (Jami’at Rabbani) in Tehran; was arrested at work by Islamic Republic’s Ministry of State Security agents.
Agents of Ministry of State Security of the Islamic Regime raided Mr. Maasis Mosesian’s work place and took him to Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj. As yet his family and friends have not been informed of charges against him, and or reasons for the sudden arrest.
Maasis was able to inform the church members, although denied contacting his family until Sat.11th Feb, some three days after his abduction.
Even then he was only able to use the phone just long enough to let them know where he was being held. His wife and son drove to the prison the following day, Sun 12th Feb; in the hope of meeting their husband and father. They were denied the right to see him and forced to leave.
Apart from an admission of his detention in Rajai Shahr Prison, as usual there is a noticeable lack of legal documentation or even verbal reasons for the sudden arrest.
Unlike the civilized world, in the Islamic Republic burden of proof rests with the accused. However, accusations are only leveled after lengthy interrogations, frequently under torture.
Maasis is Armenian and married with two children and works in a private company as State Jobs are denied to non-Muslims. He is a well known, long standing Christian and an Elder of Naarmak Church in Tehran.
Active in church, popular, and highly respected leader, He is known for his calm and quiet manner.
The news of his sudden arrest has been met with disbelief and apprehension amongst the membership.

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