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ICC Note:
Iran threatens to shut down websites that challenge Islamic beliefs.
2/12/2012 Iran (Mohabat News) – Iranian cyber police chief says, “Police will pursue anyone who targets people’s religion, life and welfare through cyber space.”
In an interview with news services, Commander in Chief, Seyyed Kamal Hadiafar said, “We’ll shut down anti-religion blogs and websites and any sites seeking to cause religious sedition in cyber space.”
“Each group, endangering life and welfare of citizens or using the internet to damage religious relationships in order to create division between religions, will face severe consequences” he added.
He continued, “Some time ago, a website was closed down in Fars province because of religious issues and for causing division. The website was publishing posts against Sunnis and was closed with the cooperation of Isfahan and Tehran cyber police and Sunni representatives. The administrators were identified and the website was brought down.”

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