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Thank you to everyone who sent us Bible verses this past week! The 35 Christians detained for their faith in Saudi Arabia are greatly encouraged by those of you who sent them the verses. They don’t have any Bibles with them, so when we read them the verses they wrote them down for future references! They are overwhelmed by your love and concern. They said, “We thank God about you. We are understanding the mystery of Christ’s love (because of your concern to us). Your prayers are giving us strength. May God bless you. We love you.” Please keep sending them Bible verses. You can email them the verses at [email protected]. Please continue to pray for them; they recently told us that the Saudi Arabian officials are pressuring them to convert to Islam. Call the Saudi Arabian Embassy and ask the Embassy officials to release them. The phone number for the Saudi Embassy in the US is 202-342-3800. For further information on their situation and on how to help them please click here.