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You don’t belong to this world – you are Heaven’s citizens. And we know that unbelievers are not persecuting you: they are persecuting Him. Pray, and have patience.
ICC Note:
A Nepali Christian writes to encourage the persecuted church in Iran and Afghanistan.
1/12/2012 Iran (Mohabat News) – Below you read an encouraging interview with Jason, a Nepali Christian who explains about the situation of Christians in his homeland. The interview is exclusively conducted to encourage Iranian and Afghan Christians.
An American Christian minister, who follows the news and events of Iranian Christians through Mohabat News website and voluntarily collaborates with this news agency, conducted an interview with a Nepali Christian who currently resides in United States. He sent the interview to Mohabat News and it was directly translated into Farsi for Farsi-speaking users of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. “Here is an article to encourage the saints in Iran and Afghanistan.”
He wrote in his foreword to the interview.
Then he continued, “I interviewed one of my neighbor’s, named Jason, who was raised in Nepal. Jason is a very bright kid currently in college studying pharmacy, and he knows quite a bit from the Bible and loves Jesus very much.”
Nepal is a country located at north of India. The majority in the country is Hindu. Christians only form half a percent of the population.
Below you read the short interview regarding the situation of Nepali Christians:
Could you tell me about persecuted Christians in Nepal?
Well, I think it is better now – but years back, I think people were more persecuted for being Christian. Especially in the hill areas… if a person accepts Christ there, their family may kick them out of the house, charging that they are not fulfilling their ancestral traditions.
Were you or anyone in your family persecuted for your faith?
In our case, no, because we all came to Christ at the same time, about 15 years ago. But if a person in Nepal is the first in their family to believe in Jesus, or the 2nd or 3rd, it will be a lot harder for them. Especially if their family is Brahman (Hindu in the highest caste), the first one to accept Christ may be kicked out of their homes, and told that they aren’t even allowed to eat their own family’s food.
It can be hard for the first ones in a family to believe in Jesus, but in time – many other family members start to believe. That’s one thing I can tell you about the Nepali people: they will not love someone until they know them. But then, when they know you, they will love you – till you die. Many people in Nepal are coming to The Lord now, and the reason why is because of the miraculous healings God is doing in Nepal – by The God’s Spirit moving. We have prayed for a long time.
Is there anything you’d like to say to encourage persecuted Christians in Iran and Afghanistan?
You don’t belong to this world – you are Heaven’s citizens. And we know that unbelievers are not persecuting you: they are persecuting Him. Pray, and have patience. Many 1000’s and millions will turn to Jesus. We are praying for the whole world! One day, as Revelation says, God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. And I heard how in China, a person would not be given a whole Bible, but just one page from the Bible; they would study it, and then pass it on to the next believer. And now, there are more Christians in China than anywhere else in the world!
We encourage you, our dear brothers and sisters in Iran and Afghanistan: keep loving, following, believing in, and serving The Lord Jesus Christ!
May God Most High protect, strengthen, and encourage you – filling you with boldness from His Holy Spirit as you live your lives to honor The Lord Jesus Christ! May God send forth more laborers to Iran and Afghanistan, and open the eyes of the lost as He convicts them of their sin of not believing in Jesus. May your nations see salvation and revival from The True and Living God!
You are dearly loved, and you are not forgotten! We love and remember you; how much more does The Glorious Lord! The grace of The Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

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