Nigerian Radical Muslims Kill Twenty Nine Christians In Two Days | Persecution

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Nigerian Radical Muslims Kill Twenty Nine Christians In Two Days

Nigerian Radical Muslims Kill Twenty Nine Christians In Two Days

Christians Bracing For More Attacks 

Washington, D.C. (January 6, 2012) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that members of a radical Islamic group, Boko Haram, have killed 29 Christians in the past two days. The Islamists killed twenty Christians today in Mubi after killing nine Christians yesterday in attacks against a church in Gombe.

The twenty martyred Christians were gunned down while holding a meeting to discuss ways to transport a body of a fellow Christian who was killed in an attack a day earlier. The martyrs in the Gombe attack were attending a worship service at Deeper Life Church in Gombe when the attack took place. The wife of the church’s pastor was among the martyrs.

The killings followed a threat issued on Sunday by Boko Haram telling Christians to leave northern Nigeria within three days. The group fights for the implementation of a strict form of Sharia law all over Nigeria, including in the southern region of Nigeria where Christians are the majority.

The Islamists also killed more than 40 Christians on Christmas day. The Nigerian government declared a state of emergency to contain anti-Christian violence.

This is rather unfortunate that despite the call by religious leaders for people to exercise restraint, still mischievous Muslim terrorists and their supporters will go to places where innocent Christians worship and kill them,” said Rev. James Wuye, a northern Nigerian church leader.

Rev. Wuye urged the Nigerian Christians not to resort to revenge in the face of increasing attacks. He said, “I ask Christians in Nigeria that we should exercise restraint and pray that the God of Elijah will surely fight for us. And Christians should show love for their neighbors because that is what Jesus Christ teaches.”

Jonathan Racho, ICC Regional Manager for Africa, said, “We are extremely saddened by the continuous killing of Christians in northern Nigeria. The Islamists are engaged in Jihad war in order to eradicate Christianity from northern Nigeria. The world is doing nothing as religious cleansing unfolds right before our eyes. It’s high time to end these senseless killings and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Please call the Nigerian embassy in your country and politely ask Nigerian officials to fully protect Christians from the on-going attacks and bring the perpetrators of the attacks to justice.

Nigerian Embassies:


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USA (202) 986-8400 (202)362-6541
UK 0207 839 1244 0207 839 8746
Canada (613) 236-0521/3 (613) 236-0529
Germany +49-(030) 21230 +49-(030) 21230212

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