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Gov’t Investigation Urged In Church Attack
ICC Note
ICC urges Ethiopian government to investigate a recent attack against a Church. Muslim students and Muslim police took part in demolishing of the church in Ethiopia.
By Charlie Butts
12/13/2011 Ethiopia (OneNewsNow)-Ethiopia’s national government is being asked to investigate an attack on a church.
The incident happened twice at the same location in Quoto Baloso. Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern has been following the case.
“Five-hundred students burned down the church, accompanied by the Muslim police officials,” he tells OneNewsNow. “For this earlier incident, the police destroyed the roof — so you can see that there has been a collaboration between the Muslim police and Moslem students.”
Racho talked with police who say they destroyed the roof because a court had ruled that it had been constructed without proper permits. But Racho was able to talk with a reliable Christian source in the area who stated that the court ruled the land is owned by the church.
“So you can see that this is a clear case of discrimination against Christians by public officials — and this is an area of Ethiopia where Muslims have the majority,” he adds.

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