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12/9/2011 Bangladesh (UCANews) – Hundreds of people staged a protest this week demanding local officials intervene in a land dispute or face the wrath of the National Human Rights Commission.
 About 350 protesters gathered to demand senior officials in northeastern Netrokona district prevent land grabbers taking land they say belongs to Fazila Ruram, a tribal Garo Catholic.
 Caritas PERLAM-MJF and several other rights groups who organized the protest say the woman is being persecuted by opportunists because she belongs to a minority group and cannot defend herself because she lacks an education.
 “They have occupied my land and have even tried to kill me. They have repeatedly threatened to throw me off my land. I have to stay with friends at the moment for my safety,” Ruram said.
 On November 6 last year she claimed she was attacked after complaining the land grabbers were intimidating her.
 A month later she said her home was set ablaze while she and her family were asleep. Even though they escaped, she said the family lost everything, including land documents she said proved the property was hers.
 She alleges police have been bribed to keep silent.

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