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ICC Note:
Uzbek authorities appeared to have prevented the planned visit of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill into the country, Forum 18 News Service reports. Meanwhile, fines and prosecutions of Protestants continue.
By Mushfig Bayram
11/2/2011 Uzbekistan (Forum 18 News Service) – A planned visit by Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill – expected to have begun today (2 November) – appears to have been obstructed by the Uzbek authorities, Forum 18 News Service notes. Some believe the Uzbek authorities were unhappy over the Moscow Patriarchate’s decision in July to change its structures in Central Asia and appoint a new bishop to Tashkent without consulting with or gaining the approval of the Uzbek authorities. The Orthodox Diocese, now part of the Central Asian Metropolitan Region, has not yet been able to re-register under its new structure. However, an Orthodox priest in Uzbekistan has told Forum 18 that the Patriarch’s visit will take place between 23 and 25 November. Meanwhile, fines and prosecutions of Protestants continue.

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