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Iranian religious authorities deceive youth by fighting Christianity with the name of Christ

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Mohabat News reports that a conference is to be held in Rasht, Iran where ‘converts’ from Christianity to Islam will ‘answer’ questions about the Bible and downplay Christianity.

10/29/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – Reports received from the city of Rasht state that an apparently cultural organization called Haghighat-e-sabz-e-Gilan (The green truth of Gilan) plans to hold a series of conferences in Rasht named “The Journey from Christianity to Islam”.

According to the Iranian Christian news agency, Mohabat News, the Haghighat-e-sabz-e-Gilan is a newly formed organization which is headed by Mohammad-Reza Mahboob. He was interviewed by Adian-News, a website backed by the Qom Islamic seminary. There he outlined the purpose of this organization as “following the propaganda of foreign countries and media, this cultural organization was formed to identify religious teachings about both Islam and Christianity and to be responsive to religious questions.”

“With respect to attacks from foreigners inside the country, particularly in Gilan province, which has caused many doubts regarding religious issues, a series of conferences by the name “The Journey from Christianity to Islam” will be held with presentations and speeches by converts from Christianity to Islam and people familiar with the Bible” he added. These conferences will be held in collaboration with the Office of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Gilan province and the cultural and propagating deputy of the Office of the Islamic Propagation of the Islamic Seminary of Qom. The manager of these conferences claims that the speakers for this series of conferences will all be literate people from Argentina, Germany, Myanmar and Iraq who have converted from Christianity to Islam.

The establishment of an internet radio station called “Voice of Christ” which is against Christ

One of the most important points that Mohamad-Reza Mahboob mentioned was the establishment of an internet radio station by the name “Voice of Christ”. The purpose of this station is to answer questions about Christianity and its targets are all the Farsi speaking countries including Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The interesting thing here is that the programs of this station will also be broadcast in the Gilaki accent (accent of the people of Gilan) and the Taleshi dialect (the local language of the people in northwest Iran).

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