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Christian churches attacked or bombed in Iraq since June 2004

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The Florida Baptist Witness reports that seventy churches have been attacked or bombed since June, 2004.

10/26/2011 Iraq (Florida Baptist Witness) – This list compiled from sources provided by the Assyrian International News Agency and news sources that document the violence against Christians in Iraq.

Seventy churches have been attacked or bombed since June, 2004: 43 in Baghdad, 19 in Mosul, 7 in Kirkuk and 1 in Ramadi. The following is a list of the bombings.

August 15, 2011. St. Ephraim Syriac Orthodox Church was bombed.

August 2, 2011. A car bomb exploded outside a Catholic church in central Kirkuk, Iraq, early Tuesday, wounding at least 20 people.

April 24, 2011. On Easter Sunday a bomb exploded outside the Sacred Heart church in Baghdad. A firefight occurred outside Mary the Virgin Catholic Church as congregants huddled inside.

October 31, 2010. Al-Qaida terrorists attacked Our Lady of Deliverance Chaldean Catholic Church in Baghdad on Sunday evening during a church service. When police raided the church the terrorists set fire to their explosives, ultimately killing 58 parishioners, including two priests.

December 23, 2009. In Mosul the church of St. George and the church of St. Thomas were bombed, killing three people.

December 15, 2009. The Al Gahera (Our Lady of Purity) Syrian Orthodox Church in Mosul’s city center was bombed and significantly damaged. 4 persons were killed and 40 injured. The Al Beshara (Annunciation) Syrian Catholic Church in Mosul was bombed.

November 26, 2009. In the western Jadida (New Mosul) district, the Church of St Ephrem and the St Theresa Convent of Dominican Nuns were bombed and heavily damaged.

July 12, 2009. Seven churches were bombed in Baghdad, killing 4 and injuring 18.

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