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10/19/2011 Burma (Mizzima) – A government military unit assigned to clear an operation route beat five men including Pastor Jan Ma Aung Li of the Catholic Association and arrested them on Sunday, October 16. The five men are from Nam San Yang village in Daw Phung Yang sub-township in Bhamo District in Kachin State, located about 15 miles from Laiza, the home of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) headquarters. They were released on Monday morning. Mizzima reporter Panida talked with Jan Ma Aung Li, 49, about his encounter with the government troops. 
(Interview Q&A)
Question: How did they arrest you?
Answer: On Sunday, our bishops were not there. They told me to lead the service. We planned to start praying at 8 a.m. But we heard gunfire so we decided that the services should start at 9 a.m. Before that time, the government troops came and arrested us.
 Q: Why did they arrest you?
A: They said that all males in the village were people’s militiamen and KIO staff. Then they asked where the guns were and beat our backs with gun butts and kicked us. They asked where the warehouse of guns was and where the bombs were. I replied that no KIO soldiers came here. 
Q: How did the government troops enter? Which infantry arrested you?
A: Troops entered from the Nam San River. Other troops came from the left side. Infantry No. 438 based in Momauk and Light Infantry No. 121 entered. The troops that arrested us were Light Infantry No. 438.
Q: What did the government troops say when they arrested you?
A: Around 9:30 a.m., while we are waiting, the government troops fired at us. We saw their guns aimed at us, so we lay down on the ground, and said we were just civilians. If we did not lie down on the ground immediately, bullets might have hit us. An elderly woman and children cried. Then, they told five men including me to sit down and they conducted an interrogation. Then they tied our hands with wire and took us away.
At that time, I was extremely nervous. If KIA troops came at that time, they would shoot and we could die. It’s lucky that KIA troops did not come. They ransacked the whole church.

 Q: When did you arrive in Laiza?
A: As we returned to our village, we did not use the main road. We followed a jungle path. When we were about to arrive at my home located at the edge of the village, we saw our houses were on fire. So we fled to Laiza. At that time, more than 10 houses were on fire. I arrived in Laiza around noon.
 Q: How were the houses burned?
A: While we were at the Baptist church, a member of the government Light Infantry No. 121 set fire to the house of pastor Aung San. The house was painted with oil-dregs, so it was [easily] burned. I don’t know how the other houses were set fire.
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