“My friend was killed tonight. He was run over.”

A friend of ICC’s was brutally shot in the head and chest with rubber bullets on the evening of the Coptic protests in Cairo on October 9. He is currently bed ridden and needs our prayers.

“My friend was killed tonight. He was run over,” he told ICC between deep breathes of exhaustion and pain. “I was just with him a few hours ago. We were just talking. Then all of a sudden it happened and I went to the morgue and I just saw him lying there. It could have been me or anyone for that matter. It will be me sooner or later if it carries on like this.”

“The government and military are killing Christians. It’s that simple,” he continued. “It was a peaceful march so why did they shoot real bullets on a peaceful people? We were going there just for two or three hours then we were going to leave. We want to worship in peace, that’s all we want.”

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