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10/8/11 North Korea (ANS) – Dr. Jaerock Lee, senior pastor of one of the largest churches in South Korea, says that there are Christians in his Seoul church who are ready to go into North Korea “when it opens up” and are “ready to be martyred for the sake of Christ.”
Dr. Lee, senior pastor of Manmin Central Church in Seoul, South Korea, which has 100,000 members and over 9,000 branch churches around the world, spoke to me about North Korea on Friday, October 7, 2011, before the start of the 29th anniversary celebrations of his church, which began in 1982 with just 13 members.
In his office, just 120 unsettling miles from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, Lee said that because of the world economic situation, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, commonly as North Korea, is now in such a dire state, with much of its population starving, it could soon briefly open up to the world.
“North Korea is suffering from an economic crisis and so many children are dying from poverty, which means that they will have to open the door to the rest of the world as they don’t want to see a revolution,” he said.
“China is supporting and protecting North Korea right now, and they are trying to push the responsibility for North Korea’s problems on the United States, but in the future, I see them having a better relationship with America.
“North Korea will see a situation where they will have to open the door to the rest of the world so as to get aid and when they do this, our Christians will cross the border and spread the Gospel and countless works of God will take place.

For security reasons, Dr. Lee said he didn’t want to give away many details about who those are who are in training to take the Gospel into North Korea, but he did reveal that he has several hundred North Koreans in his church who have managed to escape to the South.

After talking with these refugees, what information had Dr. Lee gleaned from them about the situation for Christians in North Korea which has, once again been branded by Open Doors in their World Watch List as the “world’s worst persecutor of Christians.”
“I have heard that there are many Christians, but they are underground,” said Lee. “They will be revealed soon, but if they are now, they will experience a disadvantage. I do not know exact figure of these underground Christians right now, but I do know that there are many.”

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