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Latest Iranian Media Reports Suggest Increased Danger For Pastor Targeted For His Beliefs
ICC Note
Coming under international pressure, the Iranian officials are denying that Pastor Youcef is sentenced to death for leaving Islam. The government alleges that Youcef’s crime is related with security issues. Such accusation seems to be Iran’s latest justification in order to put the pastor to death. 
By Perry Chiaramonte
10/05/2011 Iran (Fox News)-New, conflicting reports out of Iran raise further concerns about the fate of a pastor being persecuted for his Christian beliefs.
Iranian state-funded Press TV reported in an article published online Wednesday that Youcef Nadarkhani is now considered a security threat and is accused of running a brothel.
“This individual is guilty, and his crime is not attempting to convert others to Christianity, rather his crimes are of a security nature,” Ali Rezvani, deputy governor of Gilan Province, said.

Even so, the latest charges differ greatly from the recent Iranian Supreme Court ruling that sentenced Nadarkhani to execution by hanging for breaking Islamic law and refusing to renounce his Christianity.
A document obtained by rights group American Center for Law and Justice and provided to shows that apostasy is still the only charge against him, not the rape or security violations he is now said to face.
“Now that we have captured the full attention of the Iranian regime, it is critical that we determine whether this is more of the same government spin we expect out of Iran, or, more urgently, an attempt to lay out as many reasons that Iran can come up with to justify killing pastor Youcef Nadarkhani,” said Jordan Sekulow, Executive Director of the ACLJ.
According to 2010 State Department report, “rape is a capital offense” in Iran, which means that he could be executed at a moment’s notice.
Sekulow also said that the new allegations that the pastor is a “convicted rapist” could be problematic.

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