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Iraq prayer update: three Christians kidnapped near Kirkuk

ICC Note:

Three Christians were kidnapped when returning home from a hunting trip on 21st September, Middle East Concern reports.

9/28/2011 Iraq (Middle East Concern) – We regret to report that three Christians were kidnapped near Kirkuk on 21st September. They were returning from a hunting trip when their vehicle was stopped by a group of armed men. A fourth person, of Turkoman ethnicity, travelling with them was also kidnapped. The group’s burnt-out vehicle was found shortly afterwards, and the remains of their hunting dogs were found inside.

Iraqi Christians fear that this is incident is yet another attack aimed at the Christian presence in Iraq.

Iraqi Christians request our prayers that:

•    The kidnapped men will be released unharmed
•    They and their families will know the peace and presence of Jesus
•    The kidnappers will know the Spirit’s conviction, the Son’s offer of forgiveness and the Father’s welcome to relationship with God

[Middle East Concern]

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