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Throughout the Middle East, Muslims hear about Jesus through Christian radio and television. At the end of the Christian broadcast, a phone number or email address is often given where Muslims who are interested to learn more about Christianity can call an ICC supported representative on stand-by who is there to share the Gospel. In countries where the Gospel is not preached openly, hundreds of Muslims are still being saved by the redemptive blood of Christ. Many of these new believers are connected to underground house churches where they mature in their faith and find fellowship with other believers. Although often untold, God is doing an incredible work throughout the Middle East by bringing thousands of former Muslims into His kingdom. Below are a few encouraging stories of Muslims finding Christ that were recently shared with us by ICC representatives throughout the Middle East.

The testimony of Rihab in Egypt: People born in Christian families do not realize the privilege we have. Rihab (not realy name), from a Muslim background, married to an extremist Muslim husband. She contacted us using the only way she has, a mobile phone, to ask about Christ and his freedom. She was searching for a different God than the one she knew. She found Christ and loved him and was eager to read his Word and learn about baptism. At one point, her communication with us reached up to five messages a day. We showed her a way to download the Bible on her mobile. She has been communicating with us for a week now. Please pray that she the Lord will guide her steps to know Him and experience His salvation.

The testimony of a Yemeni in China: I am in China, but originally from Yemen. I used to live in a deep internal struggle when studying the Quran. I was bored reading verses I did not understand and after asking my friends, they too were unable to explain anything. While browsing the Internet, I found one of your sites and was shocked that you were criticizing Islam and wondered who is challenging this because it is the one true religion. I started watching a Christian satellite program and this caused me to study in depth and I realized that Islam is a religion of terror and intimidation. It is very disappointing for us as Muslims that we read the Quran but do not analyze it. I now have a strong will to research Christianity. Thank you for taking me out of darkness into the light. It is a great possibility that I will become a Christian.