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ICC Note:

A Christian girl in Pakistan was tortured and sexually abused by an influential Muslim who claimed she had converted to Islam and became his wife, the Pakistan Christian Post reports.

8/19/2011 Pakistan (Pakistan Christian Post) – A Christian girl named Arifa Alfred fled from captivity of his Muslim abductor after two years. She was tortured and sexually abused by an influential Muslim who kept her in locked house claiming his wife and converted to Islam.

The parents of Arifa Alfred reported her kidnapping in local police in 2009, but administration denied producing their daughter from kidnapper Mohammad Amjad of labor colony Quetta.

Ms. Arifa Alfred aged 27 years, a college student, from Nawa Killi, Quetta, was kidnapped by a Muslim man, Mr. Amjad in May 2009.

At the time of the kidnapping Arifa was in her friend Rebecca’s house. Arifa was given drugs in a cup of tea after which she fell unconscious.

When Arifa returned to her senses she found herself in Amjad’s house. Amjad told her that she had converted to Islam and had married him.

Mohammad Amjad showed her fabricated marriage certificate. Arifa denied this and said that how could he have made the marriage certificate since she was unconscious. She said that she was a Christian and had never married him.

She was constantly drugged, locked in the house and beaten severely during the period of two years. She was given mental and physical torture.

She attempted to flee the house several times but failed as she was always locked. The night before August 1, Amjad had beaten Arifa severely. She suffered many internal injuries. On August 1, 2011, Arifa found for the first time in two years the door of the house unlocked. She did not miss the chance and fled the house with injuries. She took a rickshaw and went to the civil hospital where she was given primary treatment. Then she went to her brother Adnan who had recently returned from abroad after two year. Only on his return the family told him about Arifa’s ordeal. He then took her to the police station and lodged a complaint against Amjad but the police has done nothing so far to bring the culprit to justice. On the other hand, police inspector said that he was happy that Arifa had converted to Islam.

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