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Agents of Ministry of State Security of the Islamic Republic, while arresting the two young men, assaulted them, breaking one of the young men’s legs.

ICC Note:

Two young Iranian Christian converts were beaten in the streets on July 15 after it was discovered by police that they had Bibles in their possession. They were then arrested and since have been denied visitations by their families.

8/6/2011 Iran
(FCNN) – Last month on 15th July, 2 Christian converts travelling together, visiting family and friends in the nearby town of  ”Kalibar”, were hunted down the middle of the main street, severely beaten by local agents of the dreaded Ministry of State Security of the Islamic Republic, and dragged off to the cellars of The Ministry’s compound.

Christian sources in Tabriz have named the two detainees as “Mr. Vahid Rufougar”, and “Mr. Reza Kahnamouei”, both 25. They were travelling by motorcycle in the town of  ”Kalibar” , when they were  stopped, after a brief race, by the local agents of the Ministry of State Security of the Islamic Republic who had been following them since their arrival the previous day.

Eyewitness reports show that agents started swearing, savagely punching and kicking the two young Christians the moment it was discovered that they were in possession of their Holy Bibles. The beating was so severe that they were then unable to enter the security agent’s van, while one had suffered a broken leg and unable to stand.

The report shows that Vahid and Reza had arrived in ”Kalibar” the day before their violent arrest, and had been quickly identified and subsequently followed. They were then taken to the holding cells of the local barracks and in order to force them into confession; more than two weeks after their arrests, among other physical and psychological tortures, medical treatment of Reza’s broken leg was also denied him.

On Saturday 19th July 2011, and four days after their arrests, Islamic Republic’s agents raided Vahid Rufougar’s house in Tabriz, but after a thorough search, left empty handed.

The two Christian converts have been denied visits by their families.

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