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Residents Reject Islamists’ Calls for Sharia Law in UK

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“This is Britain and everyone should live by Britain’s laws.”

07/28/2011 UK (The Christian Institute)-Local residents are rejecting attempts by Islamic fundamentalists to implement Sharia law in east London.
Posters had appeared in the east London borough of Waltham Forest claiming that it is “a Sharia controlled zone” where Islamic rules will be enforced.
The posters, which have also appeared in other parts of the city, bear images indicating that smoking, alcohol and music are banned.
The campaign is being orchestrated by Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), a fundamentalist campaign group who want to establish independent Muslim states within the UK.

Abdul Rehman, a 56-year-old Muslim originally from Pakistan, said: “They should go to a Muslim country if they want to live under those laws. It has no place in Britain.”

Redzz, a 24-year-old musician, said: “It’s a tiny minority of Muslims who want laws like this.

And 29-year-old insurance worker Sal said: “This is Britain and everyone should live by Britain’s laws.”
Abu Izzadeen, one of MAC’s supporters, insisted that Sharia law was needed.
He said: “It would be changed to the Islamic Emirate of Waltham Forest. Why not? We need Sharia law here.

“We have a big problem with prostitution here, a huge problem with drugs, we have an infestation of gambling shops on the High Road and the free mixing of males and females.”
Waltham Forest Council says it has removed the posters and is currently reviewing CCTV footage to identify those responsible for displaying the posters.
The news comes as a Bill in the House of Lords seeks to stop Sharia law taking root as a parallel legal system.

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