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Kandhamal Christians: authorities now guilty of discrimination

ICC Note: Christians are facing discrimination by government officials.

7/22/2011 India(AsiaNews) – No benefit to young widows, property rights revoked, intimidation: Christians in Kandhamal, the epicenter of the 2008 pogrom in Orissa continue to suffer all kinds of harassment, now even at the hands of the district authorities.

Mithun Digal, a Christian from the village of Beladadi cannot register as unemployed in the district of Kandhamal, because the office of the competent police station G. Udayagiri denies him the certificates of residence, caste and income.

The reason given is that his father does not have a regular legal land deed, property rights. In fact, after anti-Christian violence in 2008, the office no longer accepted the rent for their land from Mithum’s father.

Snehal Behera, 16, became a widow four months ago. But the banking authorities of the village – where she lives – deny her the pension for widows of 10 thousand rupees (about 158 Euros), because her card does not have BPL (Below Poverty Line).

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