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ICC Note:

Mohabat News reports on the prison brutality and the overall persecution that Christians face in Iran.

7/12/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – This report is trying to reveal untold stories of Christian prisoners and the process of their brutal interrogations.

According to the Iranian Christian News Agency “Mohabat News”; this is a report of arrest, imprisonment, torture and persecution of new believers in Iran that has been given to the “human rights and democracy activists in Iran.”

This report is based on the research that has been conducted among new Christian converts in Iran and the news of arrest and persecution that we get from time to time. This report has been verified by former Christian prisoners who kept their faith in Jesus Christ under harsh integrations and prison conditions in Iran.

We are going to take you inside these prisons now where Christian prisoners are under harsh integrations. (Of course, this is only one report that does not cover everything that Christians experience inside Iranian prisons).

The Islamic Republic of Iran Claim to have the fairest government system in the world with freedom of speech and thoughts. They also claim that religious minorities are allowed to have their religious lives in Iran, but it is forbidden to promote their beliefs. Islamic Republic considers Armenians and Assyrians Christians and parts of Christian community. It is like saying that every European is a Christian. It is really sad that the Islamic Republic does not see the difference between ethnicity and religion. Armenian or Assyrian is an ethnicity not a religion; Islamic Republic sees religion as something you’re born with and with this wrong reasoning arrest, new converts to Christianity or any other religion other than Shite Islam.

One of the Christian detainees has said that: “They are really trying to contempt you in interrogations, one of the interrogators have told me that; we are not going to let you people grow in this country , You are not a Christian! If we don’t stop you, you want to have a representative in the parliament!”

There is no need to explain what the interrogator meant, and it is obvious to see how the Islamic Republic would justify its actions against new believers but it does not end there. At the beginning, they make false accusations against you and in the best situation, they just come and arrest you and put you in jail (in some cases Christians are stabbed to death like Pastor Mehdi Dibaj). Ideological accusation is not usually in the case, but we have heard from some former prisoners that in interrogations, intelligence officials ask questions about unrelated political and security issues like inquisitions in illegal ways like:

1- infusing the answers to detainees
2- promise to release them if they confess to whatever interrogators want.
3- Threatening to arrest family members and loved ones.
4- Torture and in some rare cases rape.

Interrogators force detainees to write what they want on interrogation papers. One of the believers have told us that he was arrested for non-religious issues but 90% of the question were about his beliefs in Christ and whenever he was trying to explain it to them, they were so rude, and they wanted him to denounce Christianity and convert back to Islam or he will be executed. When they realized that they cannot change by faith in Christ, they sent me to prison with false political charges for few months.

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