Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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For several years now, ICC has funded cataract surgery camps in remote areas of southern Sudan that have cured the eyesight of hundreds of patients. At a camp held in June, Elia Moga was able to see for the first time in years, having suffered from bilateral cataracts. An ICC partnered ministry spoke with Elia while he was waiting to have his second cataract surgery (the first having been done days earlier at the same camp). They asked how the cataract had affected him. He told them he is a pastor and has not been able to read his Bible or preach. He is also a farmer, and has been idle for years without the ability to tend his crops. Elia’s son then went on to explain that his father could not even go to the latrine by himself. Both Elia and his son were ecstatic about Elia’s sight being restored. Elia was beaming and said aloud, “Thank you ICC!” while standing in line. The surrounding crowd roared with laughter along with Elia. Click here to see a bigger photo of his priceless smile.

ICC has long been involved in helping Christians in southern Sudan. The seemingly endless civil war in the south claimed two million lives and destroyed hospitals and much of the region’s infrastructure. As a result, southerners in remote villages did not have access to medical treatment or facilities, and were forced to live with easily curable diseases like blindness. Six years after a peace agreement was signed that ended the war, many Christians are still living in blindness, not able to afford or having no access to treatment.

ICC funds numerous camps each year that restore sight to hundreds of patients in a remote area of South Sudan. For just $20, you can restore the sight of a brother or sister in Christ.

If you’d like to get involved in this kind of ministry – granting sight to the blind in Sudan, click here, select “Hand of Hope” and “Africa” as the fund, and type “Sight for the Blind” in the note.