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ICC Note:

Amendments are under review that, if approved by parliament, will add further restrictions on Christians and other religious groups to apply for state registration, Forum 18 News Service reports.

By Felix Corley
6/6/2011 Azerbaijan (Forum 18 News Service) – Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliev has sent new amendments to the Religion Law to the country’s parliament, the Milli Mejlis, which is due to consider them on 10 June. Among other new restrictions in the draft text seen by Forum 18 News Service, they will require 50 adults to state that they are founders for a religious community to apply for state registration. Also the amendments increase the controls that the state requires religious headquarter bodies or centres to have over all communities under their jurisdiction. “This is the latest devious move to control religious communities through the law,” a member of a religious minority told Forum 18. Muslim activist Ilgar Ibrahimoglu Allahverdiev noted that “these amendments are anti-Constitutional and violate the European Convention on Human Rights and United Nations human rights provisions”. Iqbal Agazade, the only Milli Mejlis deputy of the opposition Umid (Hope) Party, told Forum 18 that “the amendments restrict human rights and are not in accordance with Azerbaijani law and international standards”.

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