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Marginalization of Christians Continues in Canada

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Canadian Christians marginalized because “they cared too much about their children.”

By Michael Coren

5/23/2011 Canada-(TorontoSun)-This isn’t China, North Korea, Iran, or Egypt. Christians are not beaten up, raped, killed, forcibly converted and exiled.

I won’t even say “not yet” because that would smell of drama. But persecution and marginalization come in all sorts of shapes and flavours.

First, in Quebec, a judge ordered a Roman Catholic family to place their young children in socialized daycare, under the allegation they were not being properly “socialized.” The word is a fashion sound-bite rather than a genuine concept, but it looks good when used to condemn home-schooling parents.

In this case, the family had already been told that they were not educating their other children properly and forced to send them to school. Now it was daycare.

That home-schooled children routinely perform better in educational tests than those raised in the public system, that there are no reports at all that they do not adjust well to greater society or university, that youth illiteracy has become a problem again, and that many parents seem to believe that dressing their kids as pimps and hookers is acceptable, is all apparently irrelevant.

Here was a judge, not an educator, backed by courts, police, prisons and all of the powers of the state, telling a mother and a father that they cared too much about their children. The next step would be to forcibly remove them, thus destroying an exemplary family.

But then, what is family? A highly popular sports journalist, Damian Goddard, lost his job after stating on Twitter that he disagreed with a former hockey player who supported same-sex marriage. The Catholic man’s employers deny that his dismissal had anything to do with his views, but the coincidence is somewhat jarring.

In Ottawa, a crowd of as many as 18,000 people gathered to march in support of the unborn and to oppose abortion. The RCMP suggested the figure was closer to 10,000, and other experts on grid measurement thought 15,000 more accurate. Not the CBC though. They confidently explained that 5,000 people were at the peaceful gathering.

A mistake of a thousand or two I can believe, but a discrepancy of 200%! We can only thank our publicly funded stars that the same network — joined by most others in the mainstream media — tells us every year that more than a million people attend the gay pride parade in Toronto, when the police privately inform journalists that 200,000 is closer to the mark.

But it’s overwhelmingly Christians who attended the pro-life demonstration, and usually the media doesn’t mention it at all. Parents, journalists, public protests. Then there are Christian students mocked by professors, Christian workers told to leave their opinions outside of the workplace, Christian civil servants fired for refusing to affirm views contrary to their faith.

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