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Azerbaijan: Police “did well” in Sumgait raids

ICC Note:

Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry defended the raids in mid-May on three Protestant churches in Sumgait, Forum 18 News Service reports.

By Felix Corley

5/18/2011 Azerbaijan (Forum 18 News Service) – Defending the raids in mid-May on three Protestant churches in Sumgait within three days was the press office of Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry. The police “did well”, an official there told Forum 18 News Service. After a raid by up to 15 police officers on the Sunday worship service of one of the congregations, held in a local restaurant, two church members were today (18 May) each fined about two weeks’ average local wages. On 17 May, some 20 police officers raided a private flat where members of another local church were meeting, seizing about 60 books. “You can’t meet for religious purposes in a restaurant – there are mosques and synagogues for that,” the Interior Ministry official insisted. He refused to give his name, telling Forum 18: “I don’t know who you are. You might be a terrorist or Azerbaijan’s enemy No. 1.”

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