Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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5/15/2011 Nepal (Organiser) – The crisis started in December 2010 when a ban was imposed by Pashupati Area Development Trust, the Government Authority responsible for the upkeep of world famous pilgrimage place Pashupati Khetra (Sleshmantak Van). This ban prevents public burying their dead in Pashupati Khetra. The Christian converts’ number in Kathmandu is growing on drastically since late nineties. Christians started burying their dead in the Pashupati area around April 1990.

According to Sj. Narottam Vaidya, Treasurer, Pashupati Trust, in the last four years the Christian graves (in the Van) has multiplied to thousands.

There is no exact solution to social problems. Social problem is the by product of instantaneous state of mind. Since, we know a little about the dynamics of mind, it is difficult to address social problems in an amicable way. But, when I look at the so-called human activists at coffin protest, I recollect John Orwell, “Now the institutions are acting as if their naming is diagonally opposite to what their act is.” The ‘Department of Peace’ of United States is invading the other countries with deadly weapons and creating chaos all over world! The Non-Havings Messiah, Communists are killing poor farmers of Nadigram and Singur for big companies (Havings)! It is no surprise that the “Human Right activists at Kathmandu shouting for the rights of dead!!!” I have a little problem if the so-called right of the dead do not inflict into the right of the living beings!

Eighteen years ago a breakthrough research was carried out by Prof JFP Engelbrecht, Senior Scientist, Ground Water Programme CSIR, Stellenbosch, South Africa. His group has chosen a local municipal cemetery of Western Cape of Pretoria. Twenty one well points were installed in the cemetery ground and one wall point far away from the cemetery ground was used for sampling and quantifying the quality of ground water. Fifteen times the data is collected both during summer and winter. The sampled groundwater from certain well points in the cemetery was dark in color and had an unpleasant rotten smell. The ground water is analysed for a range of chemical and microbiological parameters. The result of this pilot study showed an increase of colony forming unit (cfu) in sampled ground water for all microbiological indicators used and it clearly indicates that the ground water in the cemetery is micro-biologically extremely polluted compared with the expected regional ground water quality. It is worth noting that concentration of micro-organisms in water is expressed in cfu units.

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