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Drug addiction in Iran is prevalent. ICC supported Satellite TV programs are enabling Iranians to end their addiction by introducing them to Jesus. Following is a testimony from one viewer:

My name is Karim. I am 23 years old and I have been struggling with drug addiction since the age of 12. My dad abandoned our family when I was very young and I have never seen him again.

Our finances and circumstances led my mom to addiction and immoral relationships with many men.

We both were in a terrible situation. Life and death did not matter to either of us. I would do anything to find money and buy drugs to kill my pain. There were times I would use as much drugs as I could, hoping that my life would end sooner rather than later. I hated myself, my life, my mom and I thought living in hell had to be better than the life I was living.

One day, I desperately called out from the bottom of my heart, “God help me, please kill me, I do not want to live anymore, I cannot take it anymore.” I was shaking and crying hysterically, then started to play with the remote control and stopped on a channel…that left me glued to the television.

It was a Christian channel and the preacher was saying, “Come to Jesus with all your problems and weaknesses. Ask Him, just ask Him and He will do it for you. Today, He is asking those who are addicted to drugs, those who have been rejected by the world, and those who have no hope in this world. He wants to help you. Just trust Him and ask Him to be your savior.”

I thought he was talking to me. I thought God had heard me and was talking to me through this preacher. Right then and there I asked Him to come into my heart and save me. I told Him to take my life into His hands and make me a new person. I felt a new power and life came into my heart. Something was happening that I had no explanation for. After that day, my life changed. I lost my desire for drugs instantly and have been living clean for the last three years. Right after my deliverance, my mom came to faith in Christ and was freed from her addiction also.

Now wherever I go, I testify to God’s work in me. The desire of my heart is to work among addicted people and help them to receive Jesus in their heart. My biggest dream is to see the entire world drug-free. God wants to deliver His children from hopelessness!